On-Q Pain Relief Pump Plano, TX

For patients who have had a surgical procedure, the ON-Q pump offers a non-narcotic, mobile alternative to pain relief promoting an easier recovery.

On-Q Overview

Pain following a surgical procedure is a component of the recovery process. Fortunately, it is one that can be intelligently managed by the ON-Q Pain Relief System. This innovative pain relief method helps patients control postoperative pain while accelerating the return to normal activities. While narcotic pain medication, such as morphine, does serve a purpose after surgery, it can slow down the recovery process because other parts of the body are also affected. ON-Q delivers numbing medication directly to the surgical site, keeping it localized, allowing patients to move around with less pain, which promotes circulation and faster healing.


ON-Q is designed with a multilayer membrane, including an inner layer that holds the medicine, and an outer layer that keeps the medicine safely intact. The pump itself is attached to a tiny catheter, which is inserted into the surgical site during surgery. The catheter carries numbing medication from the pump to the surgical site. Built within this device is a flow controller, which regulates the flow rate of medicine. As the medication is slowly released, the outside bag will begin to deflate. This pump is portable and easy to manage.


How Does it Dispense?

The ON-Q Pain Relief system is a continuous infusion pump that automatically releases the medication based on a flow-controller that is built into the system. There is a specific ON-Q model that does allow the patient to control the flow of medication with a pump controller, but even with this device, there is a pre-determined medication range designated.

Can it be Refilled?

No. Each ON-Q device is for single use. Once the medication has been dispensed, the pump is then disposable.


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How much medication?

Depending on the patient’s needs and the ON-Q model selected, the pump may hold from 100 ml up to 750 ml of medication. Infusion times will also vary by patient. On average, it will range from 12 hours to 5 days, or longer depending on the model and fill volume selected.

HOW IS THE PUMP FILLED? How is the Pump Filled?

In most cases, the ON-Q pump will be filled in the pharmacy. The pump will be filled according to medication type and volume as directed by the surgeon. Pumps are typically packaged with a 60 ml syringe for filling.