Earlobe Plasty

Earlobe Plasty: Earlobe plasty, also known as earlobe repair, is a cosmetic surgery procedure to correct stretched, torn, or gauges earlobes. Depending on the severity, the procedure may involve removing wedges of stretched skin, suturing the tear closed, or creating a new hole for an earring.

Restores a more natural appearance to the earlobe.
Can improve self-confidence related to earlobe appearance.
Relatively simple and quick procedure.

Scarring is possible, though often minimal and hidden.
Risk of infection, as with any surgery.
May require follow-up procedures for complex repairs.

Alternatives: Wearing smaller earrings or clip-on earrings.

Recovery Time: 1-2 weeks, with minimal discomfort and swelling.

Disclaimer: Earlobe plasty is a surgical procedure with risks. Discuss your options and concerns with a board-certified plastic surgeon.