Uneven Breasts (Breast Asymmetry)

Breast asymmetry is a very common occurrence, with most women having some degree of difference in size, shape, or position between their breasts. Asymmetry can be mild and barely noticeable, or it can be more significant.

Causes: Asymmetry can be present from birth (congenital) or develop over time due to hormonal fluctuations (during puberty, pregnancy, breastfeeding), weight changes, or injuries.

Treatment: In most cases, asymmetry doesn’t require treatment. However, for some women, the difference can be a source of self-consciousness. Treatment options depend on the cause and severity and may involve observation, breast augmentation (adding implants to the smaller breast), reduction mammoplasty (reducing the larger breast), or breast lift surgery.

Disclaimer: This information is for general knowledge only and does not constitute medical advice. If you have concerns about uneven breasts, consult a healthcare professional to discuss your options.